How to Persuade Visitors to Buy from You Online

arsha Increase Conversions

You know for a fact that the product or service you’re selling is much better than a lot of the people doing the same thing as you.

But.. they’re making more money than you are.

I was in the same boat, I knew my design services were a lot better than the companies I subcontracted for as well as all the big players in my industry. But why were people leaving my website without signing up for an appointment like they were with those guys?

Was I charging too much? No.. there were companies out there charging 10x the price I was for barely half the value, it couldn’t have been that. It was because I didn’t know how to persuade people on my website, and that’s something that web designers just don’t learn in school, it’s not in the curriculum. And yet, they all go on to graduate and work at the tens of thousands of design & marketing agencies out there.

That’s the whole reason for why even the websites of some of the best companies in the world lack the basics of direct response marketing. Those guys are leaving millions on the table without even realizing it!

Maybe you’re not leaving millions, but if you’re paying and getting steady traffic, it would obviously be nice to be able to try to convert more of those visitors into paying customers so you can get more bang for your buck.

That’s the whole reason I started this company. I had finally perfected a system that allowed me to utilize creative marketing and stunning design to increase conversions for pretty much any product or service online.

At the end of the day, you have to pay for advertising repeatedly. But Conversion Rate Optimization is a one-time investment that gives you residual returns, month after month.

Today I’ll teach you how to leverage the power of copy and design to make your offer a lot more sexy and persuasive so it converts more. Especially if:

  • You have the perfect product/service but not too proud about sales
  • You’re getting sales, but further growth is hampered
  • You’ve just launched your offer but people are just not buying
  • You’ve launched something free such as an email course or newsletter but for some reason people don’t want to join.

If any of those things sound uncomfortably familiar to you, grab your favorite beverage and let’s dive in!

Here’s what redesigning a website to optimize your conversion rate (CRO) means for your business in 56 words:

  1. It should aim to turn more visitors into leads so you can contact them and book an appointment for your service.
  2. It should aim to turn more visitors into admirers of your brand who like you, trust you, and want to buy/download your products, whether that’s a tangible good like clothes, or a digital product.

So how do you persuade your website visitors to pull out their credit cards and want to pay you for your service or product? Well first let’s take a look at how not to convert visitors into customers.

How Not to Convert Visitors into Customers


Not understanding the concept of what you’re trying to sell or losing focus is the biggest reason most people leave your site.

No matter how “professional” your service is, no matter how many ties and how many different shades of grey suits you own, you still have to captivate and interest your audience in order to sell them anything. You have to remember users are one click away from a sea of other options. Your words, and your image (how your brand is perceived) on your website, are everything unless you can afford a multi-billion dollar branding initiative.

In website analytics there’s a term for the % of visitors who leave your website after only visiting the first page. It’s called “Bounce Rate.”

But I prefer to subtract that number from 100% and think of it as “the % of customers you could’ve had if they didn’t get bored, confused, or thought something else was better.

Increase Your Trustability = Increase Your Sales

Another sure-fire way you can lose potential prospects online is by failing to establish trust.

A website that looks cold, impersonal, and outdated is like a store with mold on it’s walls, there’s no ambition or desire to run a professional business shown anywhere, companies like this look like they’re a giant cash-collecting machine that delivers zero value in return.

Even if you deliver amazing value and are in fact very passionate about what you’re selling, how your offer and image are perceived by your visitors is the only factor that gets visitors to actually pull out their credit cards and pay you. It’s your job after the fact to deliver on their expectations.

The internet is basically a never ending shopping mall with a lightning fast shuttle that can take you to any store you want. But as business owners we often times forget just how many choices our market has and just how picky they are when they’re shopping online.

How to Turn Website Visitors into Buyers.

By keeping their attention and persuading them.

By moving them.

By looking like a pro who customers can trust.

You persuade them by telling the facts not the way you think about it, but in the sort of way your market needs to hear it. As the master of your craft, by default you know much more than your market does, so you need to speak their language, while remaining 100% truthful at the same time.

If I went on and on about how WordPress is so amazing, and talked about how I’ll use ruby on Rails to do this and that, then most of my clients would check out because I’m not making sense to anyone but myself.

I can’t persuade my market to buy from me by talking about how I’ll structure the code, I can only persuade them by telling them how it will impact their business. I’ve remained genuine in both of these situations, but the latter story will ultimately be much more persuasive and that’s what will pull in the revenue at the end of the day.

One very simple but overlooked trick is to use the exact words your market uses to talk to you about what problems they want you to solve. Then for your website copy (text), you talk and address exactly how you’ll fix those problems in a way that relates, and makes your prospects quickly “get it”. You persuade by letting your audience know that you truly understand them better than your competitors.

You move your visitors by telling a genuine compelling story about your company or your team, again as it relates to your target market

If you’ve ever been to a website that made you just keep scrolling, if there was a sort of flow and ease and you could easily find the information you were looking for… almost as if it was made just for you..

Then this is exactly the type of feel I’m talking about.

All you need to do to create this sort of effect is:

  1. work on your copy to make it relate with your audience
  2. Make sure your user experience prioritizes all the content your market needs to see so it draws people in to actually read your copy in the first place. You can figure out what sections of your site your visitors care about that influence buying decisions, as well as what bores them off the page by implementing and studying user research data on your website.
  3. Make sure your aesthetic is professional, sleek and sexy so your image and what you’re trying to sell are perceived as high value (as they should be). This way, your visitors can feel safe and confident paying you online.

Use this information wisely

Please use the advice here wisely.

Because you can either use this info to sell genuinely amazing products and services that enrich your customers’ lives.. or you can use this knowledge to sell substandard products and services that just make customers angry and result in disputes, refunds, and negative reviews that hurt your business.

I started this company for a specific reason. To teach passionate business owners how to sell more online, with the amazing products and services they should already have before working with us.

The Takeaway

You have to use the elements of usability, design, and content in the kind of way that persuades visitors who are just stuck, and looking for some sort of direction, into people who can quickly trust you and want to hear more.