Helping conscious SaaS/digital product teams grow their MRR through visual identity redesigns and ongoing graphic/UI design support

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Your visual identity is the first thing visitors see when they interact with your website, sales demos, display ads, or social media.

You're already bringing a lot of value to your market.

But in 2022, the current way you present your brand & message through design is one of the main factors holding you back from unlocking exponential growth.

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You've got an amazing product, a passionate team and the funding/revenue to back up the value you provide to the market.

But there likely is a clear gap between the actual value you provide and your perceived value.

You aren't converting your traffic into customers as well as you could be.

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If your visual identity doesn't reflect the value that your company brings to the market, your entire funnel won't be as impressive as it could be.

You'll be able to generate sales with the right salespeople, systems & strategies but you won't create love at first sight through your marketing content.

Your conversion rates will be lower and your customer acquisition costs will be higher.

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"Not only was the landing page beautiful, but my email list has gone up 33% just in the last 30 days"

Austin Belcak - Founder of CultivatedCulture.com

About 6 years ago Cultivated Culture - a career development site that sells digital products with about 1.2 million views per year- came to Kiani Studios through a referral from our first client.

We increased their conversion rate by 33% through visual redesign alone.

No change in copy, no change in information hierarchy, no fancy UX or marketing strategies.

Just one visual design improvement.

Yet - all things equal, in the past 6 years this 33% increase has resulted in $600k+ of additional MRR.

Here's what the founder had to say:

Here's a preview of the before & after

Frequently Asked Questions

6 yearsIn business
> 49 millionVisits on content with our designs to date (updated June 20 2022)
56%Avg. conversion boost

Their designs were clean, professional and really impressed our clients during important sales demos

Deirdre Clute - COO @ Rightfoot, Forbes 30 under 30

We had a very tight deadline and they were able to get an awesome looking landing page up for us in only a week

Kevin Mattice - Sr. Product Manager - Onboard Informatics (acquired)

Don't bore your visitors.

We love working with enthusiastic clients who are as passionate about their business as we are about high quality design.

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